The earrings have been designed to enhance any face that wears them. It is therefore important to choose the right pair. So, even if wearing XXL earrings is very trendy, it is important to check, first of all, if they harmonize with your face.

How do you determine the shape of your face?

Before worrying about whether wearing XXL earrings would work with your face, it's important to talk about face types. In this case, it is commonly accepted that there are 5 face shapes, including oval, round, long, diamond and square. Each face has its own beauty and you don't have to torture yourself if your face is a different shape than your best friend's. To discover your face type, you can take a picture of yourself and compare it with the models online. The closest type to your face is the shape of your face. You can also stand in front of your mirror and trace the outline of your face's reflection to get an idea.

What other choices are there if the XXL earrings don't suit you?

First, let's talk about the type of face that is not really compatible with XXL earrings. When choosing earrings, you need to think about balance. So if your face is a little angular, you will need to choose earrings that smooth out the angles of your face. On the other hand, if your face is already rounded, you will have to avoid wearing round earrings that will bring even more volume to your face. Thus, it is not recommended to wear XXL earrings if you have a round face. Instead, choose earrings that are hanging and angular, which will refine your features.

Sublimate your face with XXL earrings.

The choice to wear XXL earrings is particularly recommended for angular faces. If you have a square face, this type of earrings will soften the contours of your face. For people with long, narrow faces, wearing XXL earrings will give them more volume. They can also opt for oval and diamond shaped earrings. An oval face will look beautiful no matter what type of earrings you wear, although choosing earrings that are too loose will not give the best results. For the diamond face, as long as you don't choose diamond shaped, short and wide earrings as well as sleepy ones, you will do wonderfully well.