Nowadays, you no longer need to scramble to find the costume jewelry that suits you. All you have to do is make it. To do so, you just need a minimum of material and a certain level of know-how. Find out the essentials on this specific theme in this article.

Basic materials for making your own costume jewellery

There are three main categories of materials used to make jewellery. The first category concerns the tools needed to work, twist or cut the materials used. You need precision hand pliers. You need at least three kinds of pliers: cutting pliers, flat pliers, round pliers to avoid scratching your metal parts. Other indispensable tools: bead needles, good jewelry glue, accessories such as elastic or nylon thread, bracelet holders... An assembly tray. This tray is practical, but not indispensable. It helps you to do the assembly tests. The second category of basic material that is essential to create your own costume jewellery concerns the main elements to put the finishing touches to your creations. These are the primers. You will find all the parts to complete your costume jewellery. These are the rings, clasps... The third and final category is pearls. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to beads: faceted beads, metal beads or glass beads. Depending on your imagination, you can create a unique piece of costume jewellery. To make your life easier, you will find ready-made brackets or frames and storage boxes to arrange beads, nails, etc...

Where can I find materials to make costume jewellery?

It is easy to find materials to make your costume jewellery. For beads, you will find them in haberdashery shops located everywhere in all cities or on the internet. For tools, you can easily find them on specialized websites.

Other list of material to complete according to your desires

Depending on the type of costume jewellery you make, you can replace or complement the charms or beads you create with other elements such as chains, paper, fabric or leather. You have a wide range of combinations for the creation of your costume jewellery. Think about using natural raw materials such as stone, recycled wood pieces, shells to have a costume jewel according to your tastes and desires.