The term stacking is borrowed from English, meaning accumulation. The fashion of stacking is therefore based on assembling many pieces of jewellery. You stack the rings, you mix the bracelets, you stack the necklaces, that's stacking and it's very trendy. This can be noticed by the sharing part that this fashion takes on social networks. If this trend appeals to you, take advantage of the following tips to fully adopt this new style.

How to be at your best with stacking?

Like any trend, stacking fashion has rules that you have to follow, especially if you want to look elegant. Indeed, since we're talking about accumulation and not stacking, you can't just put on all the jewellery you own. Indeed, harmony must be felt so that you can really accumulate admiring looks. On the one hand, for a successful stacking, you must first take care of your outfit. Opt for a sober outfit and plain pieces to bring out the jewels. On the other hand, choose fine jewelry, because bulky and thick pieces would weigh down your style too much. If you follow these two tips, you can already be sure that your stacking will be successful.

Necklaces: the stacking par excellence

Whenever we talk about the fashion of stacking, the accumulation of necklaces is surely the first thing that comes to mind. And not without reason, because necklace stacking is surely the best illustration of this trend. These are among the jewels that are the easiest to notice. If you opt for necklace stacking, you should start by choosing fine necklaces that are well matched to each other. For a better effect, the necklaces should be of different lengths so that they do not obscure each other. Necklaces with pendants bring out all the beauty of this method of jewelry stacking. To make this stacking look even more beautiful, you can wear a neckline that will give space for 4 or 5 necklaces, as well as a sober top.

More discreet, but just as attractive: bracelets and rings

Although necklaces are the most remarkable, the fashion for stacking is not limited to this type of jewelry. You can also try your hand at stacking bracelets. Here again, the watchword is finesse if you play with monochrome bracelets, such as all silver or all gold. If you opt for the original style, you can, however, opt for ribbon bracelets and a mix of fancy, but always matching colours. Rings are also in vogue in stacking fashion, but you have to know how to do it.