Making custom accessories and jewellery using ImpressArt productions is at the top of the list of metal stamp brands and offers many tools for progress. These allow amateurs as well as experts to make wonderful custom-made jewellery and accessories. Thus, this article offers tips and tricks to make your own creations.

A little reminder about the punch

The punch is a metal fragment usually in the shape of a custom pen with engraving in hardened steel. The operations are complex since the engraving is of high precision and the hardening time (performed by a professional) is relatively long. Therefore, a reasonable margin in ordinary times varies between 10-15 days, and can be reduced to 8 days for a total emergency. Anything can be marked with a steel punch as long as the constitution of an object is very rigid. The engraving is done with rounded or cut outline.

Stamps punch numbers and alphabet and with "ImpressArt" products.

With ImpressArt's steel block support and the ergonomic hammer you can easily punch numbers or letters on leather or metal. You are supposed to hit more or less strongly depending on the object you are using. It is recommended to practice on a leather or metal support before you get into this area. The metal letter punches are ideal for marking intaglio names, passages or brand names. You may find many fonts in lower and upper case. By means of stamps with numbered marks, you are able to engrave special dates such as date of birth, special numbers (telephone number), wedding date. Also think about arranging letters and numbers! So you can give a wonderful birth gift by engraving the date of birth and the first name of a newborn baby in a nice bracelet. You can also trace your phone number in hollow on the leather key ring for your family members.

Motif stamps with "ImpressArt" products

Apart from stamps with numbers and letters, you may also recommend brand stamps with patterns and figures. Here you will find an official mark with "hand made", stars, flowers, hearts, a piece of iron, a four-leaf clover, the word "diese", the infinity sign, which you can use alone or in combination with additional stamps with numbers and letters. For example, arrange a four-leaf clover with the words "good success" or "good luck", or a wedding date with hearts.