Thanks to its particular benefits, moonstone is used in lithotherapy to ensure health and well-being. It is translucent in nature, but depending on its association with other elements, this mineral can have a white or bluish colour. Discover the main health benefits of moonstone.

The facets of moonstone

Moonstone is normally colourless. Sometimes, however, it can have a white, bluish or yellowish colour. This crystal is easily recognizable by its silvery-blue reflection and its pearly lustre. It belongs to the feldspar family and the silicate group. This stone often originates from granitic and metamorphic pegmatite rocks, but it can also be found in certain hydrothermal zones. The main deposits of this crystal are found in Sri Lanka and India. However, moonstone is also found in some countries, including Tanzania, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil and Burma.

Moonstone and its strange power

In some parts of Asia, particularly in India, moonstone is considered a sacred crystal. In the continent, it is associated with several divinations. In the past, the Romans believed that the gem of this crystal changes its appearance according to the variation of the movements of the stars. They claimed that the goddess Diana appeared on the surface of the mineral. Through these many arguments, many people believe that moonstone is related to female divinations. It is thus considered to be a crystal of the goddesses. Moreover, lithotherapy admits the powers and health benefits of this mineral. The virtues of the moonstone being multiple.

What are the benefits of moonstone?

The virtues of moonstone on the physical level are varied. In particular, this crystal helps to regulate hormonal secretions and soothe the pain caused by menstrual cycles. It also improves sexual disorders. People suffering from infertility can also use this mineral to reap positive results. For breastfeeding women, wearing this crystal stimulates lactation after childbirth. On a psychic level, moonstone is a better ally for hyperactive people. It soothes anger and tension. This mineral also helps to fight against stress and depression. In couples, it helps to consolidate relationships.