The garnet is generally considered a symbol of love and royalty. It often brings transformation and has the ability to help an individual overcome life's difficulties and experience them. An overview of the virtues of garnet.

Benefits of garnet on the physical level

The virtues of garnet on the physical level are numerous. This stone improves self-esteem and self-confidence. In the time of the aristocracy, garnet was a popular ornamental stone for royalty. It was worn as a talisman or amulet during travels as protection. Garnet protects from nightmares by enhancing the imagination. In difficult situations, garnet increases courage and strength and regenerates physical abilities. Garnet also increases tension, vitality and sexual energy level. It regulates blood circulation and treats bleeding problems.

Spiritual and energetic virtues of garnet

Energetically and spiritually, the virtues of garnet are based on courage, self-confidence, love and compassion. If the people who wear them are in good health, garnets provide and ensure the serenity necessary in daily life. Furthermore, garnet is highly recommended for calm and composed people. This stone allows to fight against poisons, apathy and fatigue and especially to purify the chakras. In addition, garnet keeps melancholy away and helps to avoid malicious intrusions. It evacuates negative and morbid ideas. For singles, this stone helps to attract the soul mate when worn as a pendant.

Emotional virtues of garnet

The emotional virtues of garnet are based on the joy of living. Garnet develops courage and perseverance. It encourages good humour and removes melancholy. It helps people to realize themselves and restores serenity and balance to an individual's inner self. It brings inner peace, calm, joy, serenity and love. Garnets are deeply regenerating and energizing stones. Garnets also help to keep rational and logical thinking. They allow you to step back and listen without judging. Garnet is also not recommended for hyperactive and angry people. Indeed, certain stones reinforce these tendencies.