Used in lithotherapy for its many benefits, the turquoise stone has special properties. This mineral allows to heal several evils. It acts both on the mental and physical level of its users. Discover the properties and virtues of the turquoise stone.

Characteristics, deposits and history of turquoise stone

The turquoise stone is easily recognizable with its blue and sometimes greenish colour. If mixed with acid, this crystal turns into a copper colour. It belongs to the group of alumina phosphates. This mineral has a triclinic crystal system. It is often found in arid areas. The current deposits of this stone are mainly found in China, Iran, Tanzania, Australia, Mexico and the United States. This mineral is named after the Turkish stone. It was first discovered in Turkey by Europeans. For a long time, this crystal was used by the Persians. According to the Persians, the crystal was used to protect against natural death. To do so, this stone must be worn around the neck.

The properties of the turquoise stone

Before presenting the virtues of turquoise stone, discover its various properties. This crystal is renowned for its curative properties. Thanks to this quality, it is used in lithotherapy to cure certain evils and disorders of the organism. This mineral is a symbol of the sun, fire and water. It is associated with several religions, including Islam and Buddhism. The turquoise stone is connected to the throat chakras. In astrology, it corresponds to three astrological signs, namely scorpio, fish and sagittarius.

Benefits of the turquoise stone in lithotherapy

On the physical level, the virtues of the turquoise stone are very diversified. This crystal helps to relieve liver, eye and gland disorders. It also helps to fight against bacterial infections. If you are injured, simply place the mineral on the affected area. This stone also has a detoxifying effect. Indeed, it releases toxins present in the body. For this, the crystal can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. On the mental level, turquoise reinforces positive attitudes and eliminates negative thoughts. It also helps to prevent depressive states and stress. This crystal also acts against nightmares. So, if you are prone to bad dreams, sleep with this stone to have peace of mind.