Do you need protection, be it physical, mental or spiritual? Why not use protection stones? According to lithotherapy, some stones have the ability to cure diseases or to attract luck. Here are 3 examples.


Once used by the Amerindians, hematite is one of the protective stones that must absolutely be put in your pocket. Symbol of the basic chakra, it has many virtues on the body. First of all, it protects you from legal problems. Whether it is divorce, a land dispute or other disputes, this stone attracts success to its user. It fights negativity and failure. By wearing it, you increase your chances of winning a lawsuit. Secondly, hematite also allows shy women to reveal themselves better. It brings a positive energy that helps them to better develop and respect themselves. It improves self-confidence and facilitates communication with others. Finally, haematite protects our brain against memory loss or various cervical disorders. In exchange, it strengthens our ability to concentrate and memorize.

Black tourmaline

Brilliant and elegant, black tourmaline is mainly used in jewellery. But did you know that this stone also has a protective role? It would eliminate all negative waves present on the body. It therefore promotes self-esteem, positive thinking and good mood. Black tourmaline is also one of the protective stones that calm tensions. It has the ability to reduce anxiety and uncontrolled impulse. It is therefore highly recommended for hyperactive and hyperemotional people. Finally, it protects its user against electrostatic phenomena or electric waves.


Cacoxenite is a rare and hard to find stone. However, it has many virtues whether it is on a physical, mental or spiritual level. Moreover, it is widely used in meditation. Having a powerful wave, this protective stone attracts positive energy. It fights against bad thoughts or bad luck. It also protects its user against bad external intentions. It prevents the evil eye from entering our life. Cacoxenite also promotes physical and spiritual well-being. It helps to regain a healthy and calm life. It reduces anxiety and enhances the joy of life. It combats lack of self-confidence. Cacoxenite is therefore the stone of excellence for people seeking inner peace and serenity.