Chakra jewellery is generally made by associating stones and colours to the main chakras of the body. They are made of natural stones and silver and can influence the energy centres which are vital points present in the body. Below are the details.

What is a chakra?

The chakras represent the energy centres observed in the body. In principle, there are seven chakras located at the level of the human spine, the other chakras depend on these main chakras. The cosmic energy circulates there and influences all the activities of the body. Furthermore, some chakras are not immune to psychological disturbances and may no longer be able to fulfil their regulatory roles. To remedy this, there are methods for reprogramming faulty chakras. In particular, it is advisable to wear a chakra jewel with stones to open the chakras in order to rebalance them.

The seven main chakras present in the human body

The base chakra also called root chakra is located at the level of the skull and manages the incarnation and the physique of the human being. The sacred chakra is based on openness to others, contact, exchange, creativity and imagination. The solar plexus chakra manages power and will. The heart chakra is based on union and joy. The throat chakra is based on understanding of nature and knowledge. The third eye chakra awakens consciousness and intuition. Finally, the coronal chakra corresponds to spirituality. Wearing a chakra jewel on the body revives these vital points. You can inquire about France Minéraux online jewelry for more details.

Influence of natural stones on the chakras

Natural stones have an influence on the chakras. Indeed, like the human body, natural stones are also composed of metals and minerals and these elements resonate to modify, diminish or reinforce their interaction. With a chakra jewel, the human being is protected from disturbances caused in particular by any disease, diet or stress. Whatever the type of jewel, a pendant, a necklace, a ring, a bracelet or earrings, the influence of the jewel on the chakra is on the person who needs it. Natural stones thus represent an interesting complement for medical treatments and meet, according to its composition, the needs demanded by the body.