Do you like jewelry? Do not hesitate to offer you an obsidian pendant! This stone, in addition to its great beauty, contains many virtues. Find out why owning an obsidian pendant is an important asset.

What is obsidian?

Obsidian or volcanic ice is a black, brown or grey pebble that gives off beautiful reflections when in contact with light. This beautiful stone results from the flow of silica-rich lava through the rocks. After the lava has cooled, stones, crystals or gems are formed and obsidian is one of them. In the case of this stone, cooling occurs very quickly, which is why it is not a crystal. It is rather a volcanic glass which is very much exploited in the field of jewellery and fashion. An obsidian pendant has a great value in particular for its many virtues.

History of obsidian

The first obsidian was discovered in Ethiopia by a certain Obsius, hence its name. Subsequently, other obsidians were discovered in other countries including Mexico, Japan and Peru. The most beautiful varieties of obsidian are found in Mexico and among the most famous are Mentogochol, the celestial eye, silver, gold and spider web. Other high quality obsidians are also found in the Lipari Islands, the Canary Islands and Milos Island. Quality obsidians are highly sought after. The reason is that their vitrification decreases with time and if they are of average quality, they may quickly lose their value.

Why choose an obsidian pendant?

The obsidian pendant has been very fashionable for some time. This type of pendant is not only interesting for its beauty but also for the virtues associated with it. To know the utility of an obsidian pendant, it is necessary to know oneself in lithotherapy. If this is not your case, know that an obsidian pendant is known to fight against evil spirits. In the past, some people used the stone as a talisman that protected them from evil spells. In addition, a nice pendant made of this stone also helps to ward off negative thoughts. Thanks to the virtues of this stone, negative waves are driven away so that well-being can take hold. If you are depressive by nature, the obsidian is for you. This stone is also known to hold a power that keeps away fear or to soothe pain. Other virtues are associated with this stone according to its nature and it is up to you to choose the one that would suit you best.